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“All reflected that your clear, enthusiastic and superbly informative and interesting presentations were hugely impressive. There is no doubt whatsoever Iain that you have a huge grasp of the WW1 subject and that you are able to speak lucidly on each phase of the war as well as each battle indicates just how well prepared and able you are as a lecturer. In comparing the standard of lectures over the six tours I arranged whilst at the THC, I have to say that, undoubtedly, you rank amongst the best of them.” - John Thatham, Retired Staff, Royal Hospital Chelsea.

“Coming from Ireland, famed for its loquacity, words should present no problem for me, nevertheless, I find it difficult to say how much I appreciate all you did to make my visit unforgettable. This tour could so easily have degenerated into a mere list of statistics, but your knowledge and sensitivity transformed it into an intensely moving experience and thank you for making it so.” – Sheila Coles, Ireland.

“Not only did Iain have an enormous and in-depth knowledge of the subject, but his enthusiasm also shone through.” – John Sandalls. UK.

“Thank you for being such an informative and fascinating guide. Your apparently inexhaustible fund of knowledge and anecdotes has really brought The Great War to life for us. I really admire your passion for your subject and the ability to make it accessible.” – Sheila and Philip Jones, UK.

“Iain’s knowledge of the area and of the battlefields was second to none. It was a very memorable and moving experience. Thank you very much indeed.” – Trevor Brindley, UK.

“I’d just like to say thank you to Iain for showing me so much and also sharing his deep knowledge of the area and of the battles therein. I didn’t think I’d get to see so much as I was only in Ypres for a short time so I’m deeply indebted to him as I don’t think I would have got to Cabin Hill to lay my wreath and cross.” – John McCann, UK.

“Perhaps the greatest measure of your success was that the people were still talking about the visit days later. They marvelled at your complete mastery of the subject and your ability to bring to life the battlefield and the lives of the men who fought on it.” – Andrew Cox, VP, Lockheed Martin Global Inc, USA and Belgium.

“We all agreed that having you with us made our trip more exciting and informative. We have been going to Ypres for the last four years and have learned more this trip than all of the others combined.” – William Love, UK.

“I must say that the response to the films we made in Belgium has been absolutely fantastic. Colleagues, and more importantly our TV audience were very impresses indeed. I am also very thankful to you for all the help you gave us. Many people have told me how interested they were by the battlefields, and rest assured I will be pointing them in your direction if they decide to head over to Belgium.” – John Maguire, BBC Points West, UK.

“I am writing to thank you for the time and expertise you were able to provide a group of servicemen from my department during their visit to Belgium last week. I have spoken to many of those who attended, all of whom felt that your guidance and instruction were fundamental to the insight they gained into the conflict and conditions on the Western Front. In particular I am pleased that they were able to visit the sites of key actions of the Royal Naval Division.” – Lt Commander Yates, Royal Navy, Senior Warfare Officer, HMS Ark Royal.